Sunday, 26 August 2012

United Utilities

Thursday 23 August we had a group from United Utilities to come and have a go with our sweet chestnut cleft fence. We are renewing all of the fencing around the village as some of it is falling apart. As the team soon found though, some of the posts just did not want to come out of the ground!

Working on three different sections, the group soon mastered the art of hole digging. I was impressed by a particular group working by the chapel who seemed to be able to dig perfectly round holes. Putting the posts in was a different matter. The back filling is a technique that needs to be practised. Little and often with lots of ramming to firm up the post. All this needs to happen while another keeps an eye on the post being straight, not an easy thing with bent posts!

At the end of the day a very satisfied group and a good job done.

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