Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wet Weather!!

Prompted by a colleague in another part of the country who said she keeps up to speed with what I am doing via my blog, I thought I had better write some info.

The recent weather has kept us busy in more ways than one. Dealing with floods, blocked drains, washed out paths and much more. Other parts of the country have had it far worse than us, but there has been no end to it lately. It looks as though the jet stream will move North giving us what we should expect this time of year. Hopefully. 

We are busy hedge cutting, grass cutting and general maintenance at the moment. All the wet weather has meant everything is growing really well, except crops! Some of these have been underwater, so remains to be seen if they will recover when the sun comes out.

Busy working on recruitment for a new post at the moment for a project officer, but more about that later. 

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