Monday, 26 March 2012

Volunteer Expansion

In an effort to increase the number of volunteers who come to Styal and the differing types of work we could have volunteers engaging in, we ran a Saturday afternoon drop in session during a snowy weekend in February.

The result has been a really good response in volunteers. I have just about finished interviewing everyone, still a few to go though. One recruit was a volunteer volunteer manager. This role is there to not only look after new recruits, seeing they have all the support they need from an admin point of view, but to assist in recruiting new volunteers.

We are just setting up log in's and sorting software to be used on the PC but once ready to go, the post will be invaluable to the estate.

One thing we looked at today, was the Youth Rangers group that we hope to set up later this year. We are looking to involve two local schools and have up to 20 youth rangers to carry out practical tasks across the estate throughout the year.

We are also setting up a link to a volunteer specific blog, where you can go to find out all about the work volunteers do you can join in.

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