Saturday, 17 March 2012

Arrival of Spring

It would seem that Spring has arrived at last. The birds are very noisy now in the mornings and as it draws dusk. Three crows have been nest building locally, breaking off branches then flying to a nearby oak tree to weave them into the new nest. Why three crows have been involved here is a mystery? Two have been seen in recent days though, perhaps the third was just confused?

Hedges are starting to flush with new growth and the landscape greening up. Ploughing last years arable fields has begun. The smell of freshly turned earth is certainly a smell of spring, as well as the neighbours newly cut lawn.

I had a meeting with a contractor yesterday to look at one of our bridges on the estate. It's called 'Centenary Bridge', built to commemorate the National Trust's centenary in 1995. The bridge hasn't weathered all that well and has been closed off for the last couple of months as it was in a dangerous condition. 

It's a steel structure but clad with wood. The aim is to remove the wood, which is the part that's failed and replace this with steel components. When it's all painted black it will look very smart in its position in the wood.

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