Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fungi Forays

This week, since Saturday, has seen lots of people coming along to attend Fungi Forays around the property. We still have two to go but so far have found a few woodland species, nothing exciting or out the ordinary but interesting for the kids that come along.

We have tried to provide the link between the fruiting bodies and what is going off underground. Also the effects on standing and dead trees.

Fungi being the great recyclers that they are, can be seen  turning a fallen silver birch into usable nutrients and a medium to be used by other plants in the woodland environment.

Seeing a fallen alder in the river covered in alder brackets is a good visual way of demonstrating how we have to act when we see fungi on trees. They are a good indication of what's happening inside the tree and we can use these in our inspections of trees, especially on roadsides or near buildings.

Hopefully some of the information will be carried away from the estate and may even spark a life long interest in the outdoors or even just fungi? That would be nice.

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