Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Barclays Build a Play Area.

Barclays Bank sent along 15 of its bank managers to carry out a task on the Estate. Building from scratch a playground in the upper garden.

The day was thankfully dry as the weather forecast had given a yellow warning for rain all day!

The addition to this day was a filming team who were commissioned to film the event for a forthcoming two day conference, where it will be shown in four parts over the two days.

I gave the team the brief and they set to digging holes like a bunch of rabbits! They very soon had balance beams upright and stepping logs in place.

The next challenge was to put in a chain balance and log jump. All of this was done in the day, with the team working very hard.

The new play area will be opened in March as part of the opening of the upper garden.

So we still have opportunity to include a few more items for the kids to play on.

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