Thursday, 8 September 2011

Corporate Volunteer Groups

Had lots of dealings today with different companies wanting to bring employees out to work in the community. Some do it as a 'team building' exercise others do it because as it's seen to be good to give something back to the community.

Some of the tasks I have been going through with them include; Woodland work, creation of a new area where we can run small events such a den building, hedge laying, footpath work. The team leader, the one tasked with running the day for the rest of the group Say's, 'yes that'll be great, that'll be fine'.  They don't know just how hard some of the work can be until they are on site. That's why we meet them, walk them through the task, talk through the risks and let them assess the site.

We have had some really good teams who have got stuck in and made a huge difference in one day. It's amazing what 30+ people can do! Have a look at the link on the blog.

We have a team of 100 coming in October to sort out some of the paths with us and create a new route for visitors.

All in all I find corporate groups to be really useful in achieving my objectives and introducing new people to the estate.Long may it continue.

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