Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bike Day

Manchester 100 came past the Estate today. There were  hundreds of bikes taking part, some of them looked like they had had enough when coming past the office. Only another 5 miles to go, 95 under the belt though, well done to all of them. Might look at that for next year? Have to get a bike first!

One of our volunteers comes in by bike, 56 mile round trip, not bad going and he's here at 9am!

It's been one of those days where trying to get certain things done and complete has been frustrated by a stream of irritations! How annoying is a printer that won't print? Despite abusive threats and pulling all the wires and cables out of the wall and reinserting them, still nothing. It's not the first time either. We seem to have a bit of kit here that revels in not obeying commands.
What it doesn't know, is that next door I have just unwrapped a shiny new all sing all dancing bit of kit that make our unruly printer obsolete. So when said shiny new thing is up and running, I'm going to take unruly printer out to the yard...and run it over with the tractor! 

Autumn is here now good and proper. The mornings have taken on that feel that you only get in Autumn. There are downsides however. If you can imagine how many leave you have to collect (or not) in your back garden, them multiply that by around 6 or 7 hundred you may have some idea of the scale we deal with. From Now till Christmas we will be sweeping, blowing, heaping, trailering, sucking and hiding lots of leaves. It's good fun though.

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