Friday, 12 August 2011

Estate Walk

At 9:30 I took members of staff around the Estate on a familiarisation walk. Interesting how the walk through the woods change from week to week. Fungi now starting to make an appearance all over the place. Giant puffballs in grass fields and an excellent Dryads Saddle on an old ash tree at the bottom of Valley field. Finished the walk at 1pm. Had a further walk to look at a task next week, renewing fencing in the Southern woods along Bluebell Bank.

Then at 3pm met two chaps from a local company who want to bring 100 employees for a day's employee volunteering. Looking to get some pathwork done during the day in October. Upgrading some of the permissive paths as well as putting in a new circular route from the mill so that families with buggies or mobility powered vehicles access this part of the property. Good positive day with lots achieved.

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