Monday, 29 August 2011

Back in the Saddle (A Wet Saddle!)

After a week off, back into Bank Holiday Weather! Started on the e-mails, lots, then just had to go a look at a bit of woodland I have not even set foot into since starting here last year. Only a small area at the side of the Bollin, but very steep sided. Mountain goat territory! Me and the dog scrambled up the slope and across to another ravine. The boundary is not straightforward and difficult to make out with all the balsam! Another priority area for next year.
Came across a really well built bridge, which had been there some time and someone had taken real efforts to put this thing in place? But there is no public access nor has ever been to my knowledge in this part of the Estate? Will have to do some more investigation on this one. At he top of this there was also what looked like a charcoal platform. A scratch around in the leaf litter indeed revealed a quantity of burned wood. So pleased with this find. So that will give me another task into finding out if charcoal was produced, when and for what use? Sounds like on the radio it has been a busy day on the car park and lots of folk on the Estate walking through in the rain. Difficult to belive that Autumn is now here!

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