Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wardens Turning Into Rangers

In line with our colleagues in the North of the region, and in other parts of the country, today we  in the Southern part of the Northwest region are to become RANGERS.

Whilst having been very proud to have served in the role of warden, warden in charge and head warden I think the change will bring real benefits to the properties.

Public perception of the differences of what a warden is and what a ranger is are very marked.

A warden's role is seen to be a policing role, someone who say's 'no you can't do that' or 'get off the grass'. Also people get confused as you also have warden who look after old folks homes and prisons!

So the change to ranger, a role people see as an enabling role, a role that is there to help people enjoy the countryside and to get the best out of it, is seen as a step towards that public perception and will bring us closer to the people who visit our properties.At the same time, we still have to protect and conserve it. Never an easy ask to combine the two.

So you will see us in our new kit around on the properties, do come have a chat with us, we would love to meet you!

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